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Top 5 Agile Project Management Tools

The project management world is embracing Agile methodologies more and more every year. Recent data from’s “14th State of Agile Survey” shows that 95% of organizations surveyed practice Agile methods, with 51% of respondents indicating that at least half of their teams were Agile.

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It has the potential to help teams and project managers achieve ultimate success, with its inherent flexibility and its core values that prioritize the human element and collaboration with clients to prepare individuals and teams to respond more nimbly to necessary changes throughout the project's lifespan.

71% of companies are adopting Agile. Agile adoption has helped 98% of companies. 60% of companies experience growth in profits after adopting an Agile approach.

Ask anyone who has tried and you’ll likely hear that running Agile teams is incredibly different without the right tools. The best Agile project management tools make it easy to communicate, collaborate and work efficiently.

For beginners new to Agile project management, is very popular. Founded in 2012 by a duo who experienced the challenges of scaling organizations quickly, prompting them to team up and build a solution.

Today, there are more than 100,000 teams using that solution, including household names like Hulu, NBC, Coca-Cola, Universal, and Adobe. It features a user-friendly workspace that allows you to plan, track and deliver everything right in one place. It integrates with many other popular tools, including Dropbox, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Google Drive, LinkedIn, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more. It also deploys quickly, automates time-saving tasks, allows you to track project progress, access data to gain key decision-making insights, and collaborate with teams.


For teams looking for great UX, the intuitive interface of VivifyScrum makes it a standout option. It's been around since 2014 when VivifyScrum was launched as an intuitive, simple project management tool designed to deliver the functions that Agile teams need to complete their projects. This tool allows users to create custom boards, featuring unlimited Scrum and Kanban boards and integrated collaboration tools for teams to work seamlessly together.

Team leaders can access data about how individuals and teams are performing with reports that can be exported in several formats. There's also a time tracker built into the platform and simple invoicing options. It offers unlimited integrations, API access, mobile apps, and file storage. All data is handled securely with GDPR compliance.

Atlassian JIRA

Good for those who are just starting out and more experienced alike, Atlassian JIRA is another top pick. Results from’s “14th State of Agile Survey” revealed that 78% of respondents recommend it as an Agile project management tool. It has more than 180,000 users around the world. Unlike other options on this list, it was created for software development teams.

This Agile project management tool enables teams of any size to do everything from planning to tracking to releasing their products. It offers visual data reporting in real-time, enables users to choose between custom workflows or pre-made options, connects the team's work to the roadmap, and integrates with a large volume of developer tools. Another bonus, Jira integrates with more than 3,000 apps found in the Atlassian marketplace. It's known as one of the safest options too, with its compliance and data encryption.


Co-founders Eric Typaldos and John Furneaux spent their early careers focused on workplace collaboration. After seeing that there wasn't a productivity tool on the market that was equally loved by users and valued by leaders, they created Hive in 2015. It boasts a client roster of thousands, including household names like Toyota, Starbucks, and Google. Hive is designed to help fast-moving teams achieve their goals. Its features are geared toward marketing teams, startups, agile agencies, operations, and more.

It offers AI analytics in its reporting and tracking time, tracking progress, and forecasting resources. Hive features an interactive dashboard and comes with a sizable library of integrations, including Microsoft Teams, Slack, DropBox, Zoom, and Salesforce. It also integrates with Jira, and it has full email integration, allowing users to receive and send Outlook and Gmail messages right from the platform.


One of the benefits of Agile project management is its ability to empower teams. That's also one of the ways that Forecast excels. It allows users to quickly create project plans. Using the AI-power Auto-Schedule feature, a list of tasks for a project can be quickly transformed into an actionable plan, complete with recommendations for roles and people to fill them. That's one of the ways that Forecast uses AI technology to automate low-level tasks, freeing teams and individuals up. It offers real-time operational visibility and access to the data needed to make key decisions.

Forecast allows administrators to set permission levels to every user, including team members, collaborators, and clients, making it easy to facilitate and improve communication. Additionally, AI technology learns from each project and can suggest the amount of time users should allocate for similar projects and tasks in the future. Forecast is popular among consultants, software teams, agencies, and consultants. It integrates with many programs and apps, including Google Drive, Azure DevOps, Asana, Microsoft Teams, and Jira.

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